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PlayAquarium Maintenance Recommendations – Pumps for Aquariums pumpsforaquariums

Aquarium Maintenance Recommendations – Pumps for Aquariums

By Jayne Browne
Pumps for aquariums are a helpful add-on to a tank environment. There are two main types of aquarium pumps: air pumps and water pumps. Air pumps work simply through pressurized air, producing bubbles in the tank. Water pumps use water pressure. Let’s take a look at water pumps.   ...
PlayRecommendations for Pond Setup pondsetup

Recommendations for Pond Setup

By Jayne Browne
Pond Setup   Thinking of adding a water feature to your backyard? Ponds bring serenity and beauty. Whether the pond will be strictly for aquatic plants or if you wish to house fish such as koi or goldfish, careful planning is key.   Location. Most varieties of aquatic plants ...
PlayWhy Healthy Reptiles Require Healthy Live Reptile Food livereptilefood

Why Healthy Reptiles Require Healthy Live Reptile Food

By Jayne Browne
Live Reptile Food   To ensure that a pet reptile receives the highest quality nutrition, make certain that the prey itself also receives a quality diet.   Reliable Sourcing   Catching insects like crickets out in a backyard is not a good idea, as these crickets may ...
PlayBackyard Pond Lighting and Fish backyardpondlightingandfish

Backyard Pond Lighting and Fish

By Jay Crawford
Improving your pond with proper backyard pond lighting and fish is easy if you know where to look. Supplies for a pond can be found in dozens of places, but none of them carry a sufficient amount of products to allow for side by side comparisons and very few have a staff of professionals ...
PlayEheim Filters eheimfilters

Eheim Filters

By Jay Crawford
Eheim filters have been the go-to choice for aquarium hobbyists for years, and for good reason. Eheim produces some of the best aquarium filtration systems in the world. They’re available in sizes and shapes that make them ideal solutions for just about any home tank, and they can ...
PlayAquarium Starter Kit Get Your Feet Wet aquariumtestkit

Aquarium Starter Kit: Get Your Feet Wet!

By Jay Crawford
When it comes to setting up a new underwater environment for plants and pet fish, there’s no easier way than to invest in an aquarium starter kit. With everything you need to get started in one all-inclusive package, you can get started immediately and build your tank at your own ...
PlayAquarium Temperature Control aquariumtemperaturecontrol

Aquarium Temperature Control

By Jay Crawford
Aquarium temperature control is vital to the health of your unique tank’s livestock. Canadians, in particular, may have issues with maintaining aquarium temperatures due to the wild shift in seasons. A water heater in the winter and a chiller for the summer is sometimes required, ...
PlayAquarium Supplies and Fish aquariumsuppliesandfish

Aquarium Supplies and Fish

By Jay Crawford
When it comes to aquarium supplies and fish, quality is of the utmost importance. Of course, it’s beneficial to find cost-effective options for your tank, but it’s also important to realize that there are limits. Lead pipes are cheaper than aluminum, but if used for public water supply, ...
PlayAquarium Plant Light Why LED Is Best aquariumplantlight

Aquarium Plant Light: Why LED Is Best

By Andrea Smith
Grow Luscious Plants with LED Aquarium Lights   One of the most important requirements for freshwater-planted aquariums is the selection of lighting. You will need to know the different characteristics of the types of plants you are looking to grow. Look for size, shape and height ...
PlayAquarium Filters Functions and Types aquariumfilters

Aquarium Filters Functions and Types

By Andrea Smith
Aquarium Filters   Before you select a filter, take the time to review your options and think about the specific needs of your tank. There are three primary functions for a filter system: Biological filtration – The most important and absolutely necessary function of ...
PlayMaking Sense of Aquarium Filter Media aquariumfiltermedia

Making Sense of Aquarium Filter Media

By Andrea Smith
Aquarium Filter Media   Filter media is used to clean the water in the aquarium. The filter, whether it is air powered or electrical, uses a pump to draw water through the filter media. In the process, solid wastes, such as fish droppings and other debris, are dissolved and wastes, ...
PlayAquarium Decorations to Personalize Your Tank aquariumdecorations

Aquarium Decorations to Personalize Your Tank

By Andrea Smith
Aquarium Decorations   Create an aquarium full of personality and style. Use aquarium decorations to enhance visual appeal and to provide shelter for your fish.   Manufactured Versus Organic Decorations   There are two types of aquarium decorations – manufactured and ...

Benefits of Fluval Stratum for Your Aquatic Plants

By Darlene Peer
Benefits of Fluval Stratum for Your Aquatic Plants   Fluval Stratum is packed with minerals and nutrients to keep your freshwater aquatic plants growing strong.   About Fluval Stratum   Fluval Stratum contains volcanic soil straight from the foothills of the Mount Aso ...